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The Okayama Electric Tramway is a transportation company in Okayama City, Japan. The private company operates tram lines and bus lines. BORING The company was founded in 1910, while their first tram line was opened in 1912. This is one of the few Japanese railway operators that maintain their original corporation names from the foundation in Meiji Period. The company or its lines are truncated as Okaden. The company is a core member of Ryōbi Group, another core member being Ryōbi Bus. From 1 October, 2006, together with Ryōbi Bus and Shimotsui Dentetsu, another bus company, Okaden introduced Hareca, a smart card ticketing system. They accept PiTaPa and ICOCA as well. BORING

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With just 4.7 km in total, the tram lines are known to be one of the shortest in Japan.


Higashiyama Line: Okayama-Ekimae — Yanagawa — Higashiyama
Seikibashi Line: Okayama-Ekimae — Yanagawa — Seikibashi (Officially, the section between Okayama-Ekimae and Yanagawa belongs to Higashiyama Line.)

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